Gambling Ring in Connecticut Raided By Police And Nine Men Arrested


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It is becoming a growing trend it the United States that people are being exposed to gambling through the many casinos that are being built around the country, then they are having their own house poker games, only problem is, these house games are illegal.

The police raided another of these house games in Connecticut and nine men were arrested. Rick Marro and Douglas Corbin were the ones that ran the game according to authorities.

The place was 7 Hyde street in Springdale and it was known as “The Spot”, it has been operating for about a month.

The way it worked was that a blog was set up online called, “Aces and Eights”, where operators advertised poker tournaments and where they were being held.

The buy in for these tournaments were said to be between $40 and $100, but for the high rollers, there also was the availability of a game that featured a $500 buy in. That game was called “The Executive”.

Police seized guns and money from Conklins house, he had a permit for the guns, and the money totaled $9300.

The nine men that were charged were all charged with one count of professional gambling.

The game would have been legal if the house did not take a cut and if the players could prove that they had an ongoing “social relationship.”

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