Gas Station In Florida Raided By Police For Illegal Gambling

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It is not rare to see gambling raids happening in the United States these days. Many business owners are offering slot type gambling to help raise revenue. The only problem is that in most areas of the country, this type of activity is illegal.

In most states, it is illegal to pay out cash on any of these gambling machines, yet owners of bars find these machines to be highly lucrative. The result is many of these owners end up paying out winners.

On Friday, arrests were made at the Quick Fill gas station in Panama Beach, Florida. The two men arrested and charged with keeping a gambling house, a felony, were Mohammedi Hussin, and Laxman Dandi.

The raid of the gas station led the police to another location where similar illegal gambling was allegedly taking place. The Pop In was then searched, and gambling machines were found. The corporate office, Treasure Holdings Florida Inc., was also searched, and the two men were arrested.

The investigation will now continue and the result could be more arrests. These types of sting operations have been taking place with frequency throughout the United States as of late. Police organizations are cracking down on the illegal use of these slot type machines.

Rhode Island Receives Around The Clock Gambling

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Rhode Island is facing the same economical challenges that other states are battling. The increased pressure from the economy is making lawmakers in most states scramble to look for ways to bridge the financial gap.

In Rhode Island, one of the proposed plans has received the O.K. from lawmakers. The two casinos in the state will be allowed to be open for twenty four hours a day on weekends and holidays.

Two identical Bills had no problems passing either the Senate or House of Representatives. The Senate approved the expanded gambling hours Bill 27-6, while the House passed the Bill 51-19.

Newport Grand and Twin River in Lincoln are the beneficiaries of the new law. they will be able to stay open for twenty four hours on the weekends, and until 3:00 A.M. during the week.

Twin River earlier in the year, had estimated that $11.8 million could be raised for the state if the gambling hours were extended. That number rang big for lawmakers who have been exploring any options that would relieve some of the $568 million budget deficit.

Another aspect of the debate was the gambling age in the state. Opponents of the twenty four hour gambling were trying to get the gambling age raised from 18 to 21. That attempt was unsuccessful.

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