Georgia And Colorado Authorities Conduct Gambling Raids


This week has been a busy one for law enforcement officials around the US when it comes to illegal gambling operations. Authorities in Georgia and Colorado conducted separate raids on businesses and private homes on Tuesday.

In Denver, law enforcement officials searched three homes looking for evidence of an illegal bookmaking operation. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation sent agents to the homes, but no arrests were made.

Not many details have been released regarding the investigation, only that a large sum of money was involved in the operation. One of the homes that was searched is valued at $500,000. It is not yet known how expansive the bookmaking operation was, and authorities are still trying to piece together the evidence.

In Forsyth County, Georgia, investigators seized over $13,000 in a raid of two businesses. The Save Money Food Mart and Hammond’s Crossing Exxon were the target of the raids. Nahidul Hassan, the owner of Exxon, was arrested during the raid, along with Mohammed Zahangir, an employee.

The Georgia raid was more in line with the national crackdown on gambling that has taken place over the past several months. Illegal video gambling machines have become the outlet of choice for convenience store owners looking to make a little extra cash. In many states, the machines are illegal.

State lawmakers have been expanding casino gambling rapidly since the economic recession and part of that expansion includes law enforcement cracking down on illegal gambling activity. The illegal gambling is thought to be talking money away from the regulated casinos, causing many of the raids.

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