Getting a Casino Host


To make sure you get full value for all of your casino play, always join the player’s club before you start to gamble. After getting your player’s card, make sure you give it to the dealer at any table game and insert it into any slot machine you play. It will automatically keep track of your play: hours, average bet, win and loss. If you are worried about being contacted, tell the host you don’t want to receive mail or emails. Of course if you do this you’ll miss out on any monthly freebies and offers!

Many casinos now offer special services through a concierge office, so you should drop by to see if they have any specials and also what the property has in the form of amenities, and then it is time to meet a host.

The main job of a casino host is to cultivate players and make them feel special. To that end, your host will be friendly and interested in you and your casino action. They may have a first-visit special or want to offer you some type of freebie immediately. These are often simple coupon books with free drinks and discounts in the gift shop, but may include free or discounted meals, too.

Other important things a host can offer that you may not find elsewhere are free use of the resort’s business office, pool passes, free money exchange, and quick entrance to events and dining so you don’t have to wait in line. Although some players like to meet a host as soon as they arrive at a new property, it is better to give the casino some action first.

Finding a Host

Casino hosts work for the marketing and promotions office, so they usually have offices at the player’s club desk or in VIP Services. The friendly people at the concierge office or club desk can get ahold of a host for you. Don’t be intimidated. Your play is valuable, and while you may not qualify for all perks offered, it helps to know the hosts.

You can also ask a Pit Boss or slot attendant to introduce you to a host. When they arrive, make sure you stop playing for a moment and give them your name. Tell them you are new to the property and just wanted to meet a host and see what you might qualify for in the way of comps. Don’t feel strange about this, it is their job to check your tracking and to know what they can offer you.


While many properties are set up have your player’s club points go directly to your card for use as a type of ATM style device, a host can do other things for you such as setting up reservations and suggesting dining venues.

Often, a host can offer you a special room rate, even on your first visit. They want to keep you gambling, so a discounted or free room is a typical offer. Don’t expect this on a busy Friday or Saturday night or a holiday. Getting a room on a Sunday evening is your best bet! And, that first one probably won’t come off the points you have earned.

Make sure you get a business card from your host. If you need something in the future, don’t be afraid to call them. Depending on your action, you may qualify for many things. If you are staying in the hotel and don’t already have a discount on your room, you should call your host and ask politely if you qualify for a discount. They will do what they can for you, perhaps even getting you a free room.

After you establish yourself as a regular player, a host is valuable for other things like tickets to sporting events, in-house concerts, and slot and table game tournaments. Blackjack tournaments are popular, and casinos often offer a special two or three-night stay as a package. These can be a lot of fun and very inexpensive.

Taking Care of Your Host

Although your play is tracked automatically by the slots and manually by the table games department personnel, hosts have a lot to do with who gets invited to special events. Make sure you thank your host for every comp, and don’t be afraid to send a thank you letter after your visit. If your host does a great job, send a letter of thanks to the marketing department praising them. And, a little token of appreciation is always nice – a pretty card, a little candy, or flowers, if you are getting great service.

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