Getting Full Value from Your Casino Comps


When you gamble, you work hard for your player’s club points, but are you getting full value from your casino comps? You might not be! All players should learn to take advantage of what’s really a good deal and to stay away from what’s no bargain, even when it’s free.

When you join a casino player’s club you know you’ll get some payback for your action, and if you want to be in on promotions and giveaways, you will definitely need a club card.

And, casino groups, such as Caesars and MGM have programs that allow you to use your cards in their casinos all over the country. The MGM’s M-Life offers huge rewards for their biggest players including things like world trips and dolphin training at the Mirage. However, if you are like most players, you just want to get a little extra bang for your gambling buck.

Comp Rates

Comp rates vary by casino, but many poker rooms offer $1 to $2 per hour of play. Slot machine play racks up the most points because you make so many more bets per hour of play, but the higher your average bet at the table games, the higher your comp value will be. A return of $1 per hour with a $10 average bet is very good. Multiply your average bet by the hours you play to figure your points earned. The player’s club can tell you what you have earned, and may give you an actual average such as $8 per hour in comps for a $100 average bet at blackjack. That would translate to 80-cents for a $10 bet. Your rewards will vary.

Room Comps

Getting a free room with your gambling is a great deal, and many players book at hotels and resorts where they can stay for free. However, using your player’s club comp points for a room is usually the worst deal you can make. Why? Because many casinos have “stay for free” packages that don’t cost you any points. Check with the player’s club or concierge services about room specials.

Casino hotel rooms are also available at discounts for minimal play via a casino rate. This is a special rate that reduces your room to about half-price. This rate is even offered for poker play with minimums as low as three or four hours – even for low-stakes games. That’s an offer to take advantage of. Don’t use your points when you can get the room deal without them!

Food Specials

As a member of the casino player’s club you are likely to get special deals on meals with your monthly mailing. These are usually one free meal, two-for-one, or a heavily discounted meal like a one-pound prime rib dinner for $6.95 or a New York steak and eggs breakfast for $2.95 or less. That’s a great deal, and if it’s available, take advantage of that instead of using your comp points.

When you don’t have a food special available, spend your comp points like cash and dine where you want, but remember that comps can’t be used for a gratuity. You’ll have to pay for the tip out of your own pocket. Therefore, if your casino offers it, you might want to get cash back instead of using points.

Golf and Show Tickets

Some casinos allow you to use your comp points for golf, show tickets, or sporting events, but first, ask if there is a players’discount. Many properties do have discounts for their amenities. After you find out what the discount is, then you should ask if you can pay the remainder with your club points!

Other Freebies

Aside from entries in drawings and special monthly giveaways, you may be able to get other things without using your points. Don’t be afraid to ask your host or a floor supervisor about sports tickets. Most casinos buy season tickets for many sports, so you might be able to qualify for those too.

Free rides in casino limousines, town cars, and even cab rides are also available as many properties. If you don’t ask, you won’t know. These usually don’t take any comp points either. You have to be a regular player, but they won’t cost you any of your precious comps!

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