Giants and Patriots Head To Arizona While Gamblers Ponder Bets


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Both teams participating in this years Super Bowl had to play in some inclement weather in the playoffs. That will change on Monday when both teams will find themselves in Arizona, the site of Sunday’s game.

While the teams get ready to face the circus that comes along with the week leading up to the game, gamblers are still trying to sort through all of the proposition bets that are available.

The early indication from Las Vegas is that the New York Giants have been where all of the early money has been going. The Patriots started the week favored by over two touchdowns. As of late Sunday night, the number has dropped all the way to twelve. That means that more money at this time is being wagered on the Giants.

Some of the reason for that early trend could have to do with the fact that Tom Brady has not practiced all week because of his sore leg. When he gets back on the practice field this week, the betting line should once again begin to creep up towards fourteen.

Whatever the line ends up at, one thing is certain. The winning team on Sunday will be the one that better handles the pressures that the upcoming week will provide. Tuesday will be the next major day for the two teams. That is the day the media gets their shot at asking players questions.

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